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Welcome to our website

Day TradeProfits.com is a system with high returns over investment and very easy to follow. It combines technical analysis with objective and positive news about the stock in question, what makes the system 100% mechanical.

Day TradeProfits is a system that has proven to obtain consistent and important gains throughout the years,with a very low proportion of “falls” and an excellent risk-reward relationship.

All this makes Day TradeProfits a powerful tool for those people who want to invest in the stock market.

Experience for yourself the important gains that only the stock market can offer, through a system that has been and is solid and consistent and, what is more important for you, has obtained excellent results. You don’t need to spend hours in front of your computer or to follow closely the bear and bull markets and financial news. You only have to look in our website for which stocks to invest in a few minutes before the market opens.


Day Trade
Swing Trade

12 Years Beating the Market!!

Our system offers you two ways in which to trade: you can buy the stocks when the market opens and sell them at close of the same day, or, you can keep your position open and sell them at market close of the following day. Both options show excellent results, and you can choose the one that adapts itself better to your portfolio. In both cases you will see how your earnings increase quarter after quarter.

  • Profit from the high return a system of these characteristics can offer you.
  • You decide which system is more convenient; you control your investment choosing one of the two methods we offer.
  • High earnings with minimum risk.
  • You just need to spend a few minutes per day in front of your computer and follow your investment from your house through Internet. It will take only 10 -15 minutes before the market opens (9:30 a.m. ET). You will find which stocks to buy in our Members webpage.
  • You don’t need to be an expert in finance to follow our system; we give you the details of which stocks to buy, when to enter a position and when to exit it.
  • You will be surprised of the high percentage of winning stock picks of our system, and how your investment is multiplied in a medium term.
  • DayTradeprofits.com buys a maximum of three stocks per day, which enables you to obtain the highest return over your investment evading excessive commission costs. If the system gives the signal to buy more than three stocks we will discard the ones we have in excess to maintain always the same number of stocks.
  • Our system only invests in US Market stocks, and between them we filter those that we judge deserve our investment grade.

Be a part of our system and enjoy




Autotrading available at:




System Highlights

Daily stock Trades
Solid strategy that identifies stocks to make strong oves.

Excellent Returns.... .We offer to you excellent oportunities to increase your value quarter after quarter
You just need to spend a few minutes per day
You can follow our system at home, staying in front of your computer for about 15 minutes a day.
We buy a maximum of three stocks per day .Which enables you to obtain the highest return over your investment evading excessive commission costs.
Reduced market exposure................... You decide which system is more convenient; You can control your account, choosing one of the two methods we offer.Swing Trade or Day Trade

Liquid stocks to trade We don't trade BB or penny stocks.We only invests in solids companies.











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